Why Leaders Need To Delegate and Why They Don’t

Delegation is a must-have tool in today's businesses. Many of us struggle with or won't do it. Here are some of the reasons why we don't delegate but should.
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Delegation is becoming a skill ever more needed by Managers in the new flatter, leaner organisations of the 21st Century. It has always been an essential part of leading and managing staff.

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Setting objectives and tasks are a key management tool to help us make sure that our employees know what they are expected to do and to allow both us and them to review their progress against the tasks they have been set. Objectives are vital both in terms of setting targets as part of performance management programmes and also in delegating day to day tasks that need to be completed.

Good delegation saves you time, develops your people, and motivates. Poor delegation will cause you frustration, de-motivates and confuses the other person, and fails to achieve the task or purpose itself.

Delegation should be used for 2 reasons. Firstly as a time-saving mechanism to allow you to focus more on developing the team, and secondly as a development method to provide the team members with new skills.

However, things seem to stop us from delegating to people.

Time Pressures Mean You Can Do It Quicker – And you probably could, but this also means you are not developing other people who could do it in future for you. Invest the time to develop someone to do the task and free up your time for the future.

Lack of Confidence in The Team Members – Ask yourself, is this because someone has let you down in the past? If so, time to let it go. Maybe the reason you have the lack of confidence is that no one has demonstrated the skills to do the task – but have you provided them with the skills?

Over Supervision – Delegation can go badly wrong if you try to micro-manage the person who you have delegated the task to. Have trust, you chose them for a reason.

Team Member Lacks Confidence – Don’t give them a task that they can’t do. Pick smaller things at first and build from there. Giving them something to do that they can’t will destroy their confidence.

They Might Do It Better Than Me – Maybe they will, but what would be better – having a good job done or a fantastic job done. Isn’t that what Leadership is all about – picking the right people for the job?

You Like Doing the Task Yourself – As a Leader, you have many tasks to do, you can’t pick and choose which you do and which you don’t. Your focus needs to be on Managing the Task and Developing the Team and Individuals.

There are many other reasons why Delegation fails, way too many to list here.

Delegation is a must if a Leader is to have the time to carry out everything they need to do and get results.

We cover all of these tips and more in our Online Delegation Skills Training Course.