Reap the benefits of our Managed Training Services by outsourcing your training to us.  Here’s how it works:

We take care of everything for you.  Just tell us about the training required and we will source it for you.  If it’s not on one of our hundreds of open training courses across the country or an internal solution that we deliver then we use our experience and contacts to place the training with providers that we have accredited for their quality.

More than that, if you need us to we can carry out regular needs analysis is your business as part of our Managed Training Services to help you spend your training budget on the places where you need it most.  We can carry out meetings, review your appraisal documents and personal development plans to gain a real idea about where the needs are and build a clear plan that meets your budget.

Finally, in either of the above cases, we take care of all the administration for example sending joining instructions, booking places, carrying out post course evaluation and providing regular reports of our success.

We take care of all certification and compliance including alerting the necessary bodies that your people have completed training and assessment.  You will never need to worry about forgetting to re-test, send paperwork or complete reports or audits.  We take care of everything for you.

So, if you would like to:

  • Tell someone what your training requirements are, or have someone find the training requirements
  • Have someone administer training in your business including sending out joining instructions, booking training and carry out evaluation reporting
  • Spend less time on managing training and maximise your budget
  • Be sure that your employees are getting the very best training and development
  • Never have to worry about being compliant, re-tests or taking regulatory training

Then talk to us today to find out more about our Managed Training Services.  You can contact us here.

Find out more about the benefits of our Managed Training Services.