Learning and Development Supply Chain

Save time and money on learning and development activities with our Learning and Development Supply Chain Service.

Our Learning and Development Supply Chain Service is part of our Managed Training Services product.

We can save your business time and money by supporting the purchases relating to Learning and Development in your business.

About this Service

What is It?

Our Learning and Development Supply Chain Service is available as part of our Managed Learning Services Product.

What it Does

Our Learning and Development Supply Chain Service takes care of all learning and development purchasing activities.

Accessed By…

Our Learning and Development Supply Chain Service is available via telephone, web, email and messenger service.

The Details

One of the biggest Learning and Development time burdens for any organisation is finding the right supplier for courses or materials.

We can take care of this for you. You just need to tell us about the need and the objectives you are looking to achieve from the intervention and we’ll get going from there.

We’ll scope out a brief/overview based on our initial conversation and send this to you for agreement. Once signed off, we’ll then get to work on finding the perfect supplier for you.

We can either recommend one of our own courses as well as those from other trusted suppliers.

We’ll have the difficult conversations for you, negotiating rates and quality standards and make recommendations to you. We aim to have at least 3 proposals for you to consider for each requirement you have.

If it’s just training materials or other material items that you need, we can take care of that to. We can source quotes from everything from reams of paper to complete development of training programmes.

Anything that you need to buy from a Learning and Development viewpoint, we can help.

Talk to us to find out how we can help and support your Learning and Development Supply Chain.