Customer Service Training Course

Our one day Customer Service training course will show you how to stand out in your market by providing a great customer experience.

customer service skills training course

Our one day Customer Service Training Course will provide lots of tips and ideas to provide brilliant service to your customers..

Find out how to deliver a positive customer experience to customers of your business. Learn how to generate customer loyalty and positive word of mouth about your business.

Course Delivery Options

Open Course

Delivered as an open training course at locations across Ireland.

Online Course

Delivered as a one-day interactive virtual training course.


Delivered on-site at your business or as a virtual in-house course.

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Here’s all of the details you need about our Customer Service training course. We’re here to help if you have any other questions. You can see all of the ways to get in touch here.

This Customer Service Training Course will investigate what good customer service is, how you define it and what you can do to deliver brilliant customer service. They are the most important thing to any business and looking after them is paramount.

Those who attend this Customer Service Training Course will have:

  • Enhanced your self awareness of customer service skills
  • A greater understanding of customer expectations, perceptions and needs
  • Learnt techniques and structures to consistently deliver exceptional customer services
  • Increased your confidence and communication skills
  • Started the process of considering customer service strategies to apply with your own customers

Here’s what we cover in our Customer Service Training Course:

What is ‘World Class’ Customer Service?

  • What does world class customer service look like
  • Who is currently delivering world-class service and what can we learn

Service Expectations

  • What do our customers expect and why
  • What happens if we fall short of expectations

Communication Skills

  • What are the skills that are necessary to deliver world-class service
  • Questioning, listening and building rapport with customers

Your Behaviour With Customers

  • Understanding how your behaviour can impact on your relationship with the customer
  • Using and Demonstrating empathy with customers

If you opt to have this course delivered in-house, the content above can be tweaked and changed to ensure the course meets your specific needs.

Our Customer Service course is run as an open course across Ireland. The course is fun and interactive with plenty of opportunity to practice the skills from the course.

You can see the current Customer Service Training Course open course schedule by clicking the button below.

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We can deliver this Customer Service training course in-house to a group of up to 12 people at your organisation anywhere in Ireland.

We can also run this course as a virtual in-house course. This course will be delivered online via web conference. Your team can either connect from the same room or individually from wherever the are based.

We can tweak the course content to align it closer to your business needs.  The course will be delivered by one of our professional hand picked trainers who will provide the skills and knowledge and allow plenty of time to practice the skills.  They will also ensure that everyone leaves with an action plan that details what they will do next.

To find out more about having a Customer Service training course delivered, fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you.  Be sure to tell us what course you are looking for and in what location.  Alternatively you can call us on 015549779.

The reviews below are submitted by past delegates. If you would like to see more then please get in touch. We can pull together some feedback from our evaluation forms to help you make a more informed decision about this course.

4.7 out of 5 stars (based on 10 reviews) 
Very good10%
Amazing course with a wonderful tutor!

I came to his course with high hopes and left with another level of confidence in myself. Not only has this opened my eyes to how my entire behaviour can impact on the tasks I am doing for my Read More clients.
I am now very confident that I will be able to provide a stronger connection with my clients and in turn provide a better level of service.

-Kyle Alexander – 31st January 2020 – Customer Service Skills Training Course

Superb Customer Service Training

I was a little unsure what to expect on this course. I thought it was all going to be role plays but I’m so glad it wasn’t.
The course really made me think about what I do. Some of it I already knew Read More but it was a good refresher. The small group meant the trainer could talk to each of us and from that I got some really good ideas.

-Aimee Swinson – 23rd August 2019 – Customer Service Skills Training Course

Customer Service Course

Very good course this. Easy going trainer with bags of experience and ideas. Really knew his stuff. But if a fluke but he also had a similar background to the role that I do.
Good that we looked at Read More service on the telephone and face to face. They also added in email for us as a couple of us asked about it.
Highly recommend this course and company to anyone.

-Adam Powers – 19th August 2019 – Customer Service Skills Training Course

Customer Service Skills Training

I would have liked to have moved around a little more, I found the length of the course a long time to be sat down. It would have been nice to have done some more group activities.
I felt towards the Read More end of the course it was rushed, even though the course finished early, we skipped some pages of the booklet. It would have been better to have gone through them and to summarise.
Although the course went through complaint handling, I would have liked to have specifically gone through difficult client calls and how to handle them. Complaint handling touched on this but I would have liked to have gone through in more detail. I did mention this to the trainer.
The course was heavily focused on face to face whereas for me personally I would have liked to have done more on phone calls as this is more relevant to my role.
However, the course went through some valuable and important points, I do feel I have taken something away from the course, and will apply this to my role.

-Stephanie Parker – 19th August 2019 – Customer Service Skills Training Course

Response from Revolution Learning and Development Ltd

Hello Stephanie. Thank you for your review. Your feedback is incredibly useful and will help us to further improve the course. I will discuss this with the team. The nature of these open courses does sometimes mean that we can’t meet everyone’s individual requirements and we need to follow the course outline initially to ensure that we cover everything that everyone signed up for. But, I do understand your point about there being more focus on delivering customer service through a range of channels such as the telephone – this is definitely something that we will take a look at. The course materials are prepared in such a way that allows us to cover points outside of the course overview – just in case something comes up. It does mean that not everything in the materials will be delivered but is more of a reference. It’s why we tend to make them so detailed.

Thank you once again for taking the time to provide your feedback.

David – Managing Director

Revolution Customer service Training

I thought the course was good an overall good. I am going to honest and say I thought there would be more role plays and scenario based activities within the group. There was 6 people of the course Read More which I thought there was going to be a bigger group number, with a numerous selection of companies but that was not the case. The Building itself was lovely and the staff were all very accommodating and the lunch was incredible for the selection, again staff were very polite. Our trainer Lynn was very welcoming and easy to talk to. I did take away some good Ideas to take back into the office..

-Charlotte Harrison – 16th August 2019 – Customer Service Skills Training Course

Response from Revolution Learning and Development Ltd

Thank for taking the time to write a review, Charlotte and for your feedback. We do tend to keep our group sizes smaller than expected and try to have no more than 6-8 people on some of our sessions. This allows us to have more individual conversations with delegates. I will definitely discuss the points about role play etc. with the team. It’s always tricky using role-play as not everyone feels comfortable doing this, especially on open courses where delegates don’t know each other. That said, your feedback clearly shows this is valuable so we will discuss a way to integrate this into the session.

I’m pleased you liked the venue – it’s definitely one of our favourites too.

Thanks again for your review and your feedback.

David – Managing Director

Useful Course

Our team got some really good ideas. Really cleverly done in that we thought we would just be told what to do, but Andrew asked us lots of questions and helped us to decide for ourselves what we Read More should do. He also gave us useful ideas to throw into the mix.
We have seen instant results in our customer feedback.
Thanks for the course and the help.

-Alan Waring – 14th June 2017 – Customer Service Skills Training Course

Great Course

I learnt a lot on this session. It made me think about my attitude and behaviour when I speak to customers. I’ve used some of the skills and ideas already and they have helped a lot. Thanks again for Read More a great gourse

-Janine Redmond – 11th May 2017 – Customer Service Skills Training Course

Customer Service Training Course

Very good course!

-Darren Ward, Horton Automatics – 30th November 2016 – Customer Service Skills Training Course

Best Session I’ve Been On

This was by for the best session I have been on. The content was valid and more than reading off a PowerPoint presentation. The tasks met the needs of all of the different learning styles

-S Francis, Hospital Innovations Ltd – 6th April 2014 – Customer Service Skills Training Course

Fantastic Course

The course was fantastic and very informative. The subject was covered brilliantly and liked how other topics were brought in to show they could be used under this subject. Everyone was involved and Read More contributing

-S Dyke, Hospital Innovations Ltd – 6th April 2014 – Customer Service Skills Training Course

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