COVID Secure Training Courses

Our approach to delivering face to face training courses in a COVID secure way. When you’re ready, we’re ready.

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We are beginning to deliver in-house face to face training from the 3rd of August and our schedule of open training courses will be phased in from the 24th of August.

We recognise that we are still living in unsettling times and that COVID-19 is going to be with us for some time to come. As businesses begin to reopen their doors, the demand for face to face training is starting to return.

For the foreseeable future we will operate on a virtual first basis. This means that virtual training will always be our first recommendation.

We’ve been delivering online virtual training courses for a number of years via our Skills Garage website. Since the start of the pandemic, online has been the only way that people could attend training courses. We recognise for many that this will still be the case, so online training will still be at the forefront of what we offer. They will now be a permanent part of our proposition, allowing us and our clients more flexible options.

The demand for face to face training is increasing and over the past few months we’ve been working hard on what we need to do to make sure that our return to face to face training is carefully managed. We want to ensure that our clients and delegates feel safe, but also comfortable when attending face to face training with us.

COVID Secure Training - Our Approach

Here are some of things that we will be doing to deliver COVID Secure Training Courses:

COVID Secure Training - Our Documentation

We’re happy to share the work we’ve done to ensure we can deliver COVID Secure Training.

Detailed Overview

The PDF below includes the details of our approach and what you can expect from us.

Risk Assessment

The PDF below contains our current risk assessment for both in-house and open training courses.

COVID Secure Training - Your Questions

We understand that you may have questions or even concerns about face to face training. We are here to help.

Feel free to get in touch should you have any questions you would like to ask, discuss COVID Secure training for your business or to provide any feedback on our approach.

You can get in touch here