Consultative Selling Training Course

Our one day Consultative Selling training course will show you how to increase both business to business and business to consumer sales by taking a more consultative approach to selling.

consultative selling training course

Increase business to business sales in your organisation with our Consultative Selling Training Course.

Find out how to build long term business relationships by engaging with your customers and finding out more about them. The, be able to use this to identify new and further sales opportunities.

Win new business, retain your customers and sell more business to business with our Consultative Selling Training Course.

Course Delivery Options


Great News! We can deliver our Consultative Selling Training Course on-site at your business anywhere in Ireland.

Online Course

Our Consultative Selling Training Course is also delivered as a one-day interactive virtual training course.

Bespoke Design

Need something more? We can work with you to design a bespoke Consultative Selling Training Course for your team.

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Here’s all of the details you need about our Consultative Selling training course. We’re here to help if you have any other questions. You can see all of the ways to get in touch here.

This consultative selling training course will provide those that attend with a toolbox of effective business to business selling techniques. It aims to provide approaches to build long term relationships with customers by avoiding ‘hard sell’ and instead pushes towards finding out about the customer’s needs through effective conversations.

Those who attend this Consultative Selling Training Course will:

  • Be able to build rapport with customers or clients
  • Know the right questions to ask to fully understand the customer or client’s needs without putting on any pressure
  • Be able to check they have the right information from the customer or client
  • Be able to match products and services to the customer or client using the information they have gathered
  • Be able to influence effectively
  • Know how to stand out from their competitors

Here’s what we cover in our Consultative Selling Training Course:

What is Consultative Selling?

  • Difference between a normal sales approach and consultative selling
  • Beliefs about selling
  • How will buyers respond to consultative selling?

Preparing for the Sales Meeting

  • Researching the organisation and person/people you are meeting
  • What do your customers or clients need or want?  What are they buying?
  • Preparing yourself for the meeting

Understanding Needs

  • First impressions count
  • How to generate conversation to establish customer needs
  • Controlling the conversation
  • Gathering the right information

The Sales Process

  • A structure to follow to help the conversation along
  • Moving into the sale

The Skills

  • Effective questioning
  • Listening
  • Body language, tone of voice and choosing the right words

Matching Your Products and Services

  • Matching the features and benefits of your products to the information gathered
  • Ensure it doesn’t feel like a sale at this point
  • Making it feel as though the product/service is just what they are looking for


  • Moving from conversation to closing sale

We can deliver this Consultative Selling training course in-house to a group of up to 12 people at your organisation anywhere in Ireland

We can tweak the course content to align it closer to your business needs.  The course will be delivered by one of our professional hand picked trainers who will provide the skills and knowledge and allow plenty of time to practice the skills.  They will also ensure that everyone leaves with an action plan that details what they will do next.

To find out more about having a Consultative Selling training course delivered, fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you.  Be sure to tell us what course you are looking for and in what location.  Alternatively you can call us on 015549779.

The reviews below are submitted by past delegates. If you would like to see more then please get in touch. We can pull together some feedback from our evaluation forms to help you make a more informed decision about this course.

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I would highly recommend Revolution Learning and Development’s Consultative Selling Training Course. David adapted the course to suite our business and the different objections that we receive. All Read More who attended the course were encouraged to be involved. I have already had positive results from putting the training into place

-Sarah Johnston – 14th May 2018 – Consultative Selling Training Course

Download a copy of the Consultative Selling training course overview by clicking here.