Mintzberg’s Management Roles

Mintzberg’s Management Roles describes the different roles a manager or leader has. Managers and leaders have to carry out lots of different tasks. This means they have lots or roles to carry out. You may find yourself dealing with conflict in the team, having to motivate team members to be more productive, negotiating with senior … Read more

Are You Making These Leadership Mistakes?

Leading people is a difficult job. You probably have lots of tasks to manage, deadlines to meet and requests from your team to deal with. Alongside that you have to ensure that your team performs to the standard you and your business expect. Because you have all of these things to deal with, the last … Read more

Management Tips – Change Your Behaviour

Developing your self as a leader isn’t as easy as what you may think.  Changing your behaviour can be hard, frustrating and time consuming. There are though some road blocks that may exist, that i removed, can make your route to self development and improvement easier: Be Patient – Don’t expect to see results immediately.  Yes attend training, … Read more